Also known as Absolute. An oily, liquid substance derived from organic material. An absolue is the result of putting a concrète through further extraction processes, often involving the use of heat and alcohol solutions. Some wax-like compounds, fats, fixed oils, and an essential oil associated with the material, are all dissolved by the alcohol solution. The mixture is then distilled in a vacuum to remove the alcohol, yielding the final product — an absolue. This absolue is then to be used for various means and functions in perfumery. Absolues are often low yielding, which is why their usage in perfumery is typically reserved to the section of perfumery that produces fine, high-end, or luxury perfumes.

In using a mildly hydrophilic compound like ethanol, nearly all of the elements in the mixture that are aromatic and fragrant will be dissolved, leaving the scentless, waxy materials largely separate.