An accord is the combination of different notes, aromas, scents, feels, auras, and hints, to create an entirely new fragrance, an entirely new aroma, an entirely new scent, out of the unified mixture. The specific scents associated with the individual compounds are largely stripped away, and are blended and added with the aromas of others they share the composition with, in order to build an entirely new scent profile. The new scent draws from all those involved in creating it, but it is unlike any individual aroma inherent in its makeup. Accord fragrance profiles differ from other types of aroma profiles in that they aren’t a compilation of different aromas, but rather are a complex and intricate unification of all aromas involved. Most accords feature only a few distinct notes, but many accords may possess many times more. They key is to develop a complex and well blended aroma, without having it feel as if too many things have been jammed together. The process takes time, and perfumers may take months developing the right formula; adding and taking away multiple times over the course of the development process.

Some entire fragrance families and classes have been built out of the concept of accords, and are often marvelled in the world of perfumery for their balanced complexities, and deep, sensational aromatic layers. The chypre and fougรจre families are such examples of this phenomenon. Some fragrances that have become known for their unique aroma are also, in fact, accords. One such example includes the amber fragrance, which is a mixture of various spices, fruits, and balsamic notes.