Is the brand name of the compound Ambroxide: a naturally occurring terpenoid, and a product of the autoxidation of ambrein. It is a key component in the makeup of the aromas associated with ambergris. The compound has been synthesized via the compound sclareol, which was itself an element found in the essential oil of clary sage. Ambroxan is produced by oxidatively degrading sclareol to a lactone, whereby the subsequent processes involve hydrogenation and dehydration, leading to the formation of Ambroxan. The compound is largely now used for the purpose of mimicking the scent of ambergris, and as an alternative to the natural material in perfumes that desire this specific aroma profile. Since it is an almost identical — or intended to be so — fragrance to ambergris, it holds notable qualities of musk and amber, and is used to impart these qualities into compositions. It is also used extensively in fragrances of the aforementioned families, and often makes up the bulk of a synthetic based amber or musk fragrance composition. As well as being used as a tool to create ambergris notes, Ambroxan is also frequently utilized as a fixative — creating an environment where aromas can cultivate, whilst strengthening the structural integrity of the composition.