Concrète is a term used in perfumery to refer to the initial substances present in the first rounds of a solvent extraction procedure. Volatile hydrocarbons feature extensively throughout the process. First, the plant matter is set upon grilles, enclosed in containers, and a solvent is allowed to flow through the material. The solvent interacts with the aromatic elements of the material; dissolving various hydrophobic compounds and allowing the aromas to cultivate without organic elements like plant waxes there to hinder this pursuit. The resulting substance is a solid, waxy compound, which is left after the evaporation of the solvent takes place. This substance is what’s known as concrète, and has a variety of uses thereafter, but is usually put through further processes to yield other aromatic materials for uses in perfumery. Absolute is directly yielded out of the concrète.

If a resin is used in this initial process, the resulting compound is known as a resinoid.