Designer Perfume

Designers of fashion, of clothing and of accessories, and the designers of jewelry items, often try their hand at perfumery, and create, or aid in the creation of, specific fragrances that often bear their name. This is what’s known as a designer perfume, and they are perhaps the most readily available type of fragrance on the market. Often times these are either colognes for men, or eau de parfum (perfumes) for women, and can come in a wide variety of forms. Usually, a basic, default composition is used for designer fragrances, although there does exist many exceptions to this rule. The fragrance is often subtle, featuring pleasant aromatic elements that appeal to the widest range of people. Many times a designer perfume will also act as a less expensive alternative to a high-end fragrance. In many of these instances, the designer fragrance may have been made with the intention to mimic certain elements characteristic of the more expensive, “premium” perfume it was inspired by. Despite the lower price relative to most high-end perfumes, the cost of designer perfumes is still substantially higher than the cost of non-designer, non-premium perfumes as a whole.

Planting a known designer’s name on the label of the fragrance is done with the intention of increasing the interest in the perfume, and thus, the overall sales. This added appeal allows the price to be raised considerably, whilst also being able to keep sales remaining continently high. Designer perfume does not usually include fragrances belonging to actors, entertainers, or famous sportspeople, in its domain, as these types of fragrances are instead dubbed “celebrity scents”.

A designer perfume may differ from a niche perfume in that the former is mass produced, often with generic components making up the bulk of the composition, and may also be totally devoid of an emphasis on originality. This general rule is often negated, as many fashion houses have found success producing high-end fragrances, that possess a great deal of attention to detail and quality.