Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum refers to a class of diluted perfumes, which are typically the strongest of the diluted and scented cologne or perfume solutions. They are, typically, what most people think of when they think of perfume. This is so, as they are the default, go-to compositions for standard women’s fragrances. They are usually made up of around 15% aromatic material, with the rest being ethanol or ethanol/water solutions. The strength makes them generally more potent and aromatic than most eau de toilette grade fragrances, and are usually substantially stronger in scent than eau de colognes. The scent profile chosen for eau de parfum fragrances are most commonly made up of aromas that are decipherable and detectable to the most amount of people.

Heat makes the aromas in these types of fragrances stand out even more, which is why they are frequently marketed towards women going out on dates, rather than those committing to strenuous exercise, or to those living out their daily routines.