Extrait de Parfum

[ecs-tray de par-fuh]

Is the strongest of all the scent classes, in terms of both potency of aromas, as well as in the concentration of fragrant oil present in the compositions. Named so, as it is a “perfume extract”; a true perfume, in every sense of the term, and is indeed what the word perfume is meant to refer to. Typically, the percentage of aromatic compounds in pure perfume compositions is anywhere from 15-40%, although the standard amount is usually around 25%. This makes it at times almost double the potency of the next perfume grade type, eau de parfum, and as much as 4 times the strength of the fragrances belonging to the eau de cologne grouping.

Extrait de parfum features the strongest and most potently aromatic grade of fragrance compositions, and comes in markedly smaller bottles than other types of scents. The prices are also substantially higher, but the price is largely owed to the fact that extrait de parfum generally possesses much longer lifespans than scents of other classes. This quality is inherent in the pure perfume’s make-up, and makes it a mainstay in the international lineup of fine fragrances.