Is a town situated on the French Riviera, and is widely considered to be the perfume capital of the world — leading the way in both innovation and production of perfumes and fragrances. Grasse has held a vibrant and prosperous perfume industry even as far back as the 1700s, when it began to develop a name for itself as a leader in perfumery. Perfumers from around the world are trained in the area, to be experts in perfumery, and to have a firm grasp of thousands of different, distinct aromas. Over 2 thirds of all of France’s naturally occurring extracted fragrances are produced in the region; yielding annual revenues of more than 600 million euros. The exceptional participation in the perfume industry is possibly owed to the region’s warm and rewarding climate, which encourages flower growth and dispersal. The town also produces and provides much of France, and the rest of the world, with almost 27 tons of jasmine every year, contributing much of the valued and necessary product to all of perfumery.

Much of the town’s success with perfumery is down to its general ability to adapt to the changing tides. The town is notable for having to adapt to the new trends and circumstances involving leather, and eventually developed a blossoming and lively perfume industry that has continued even until modern times.