Fragrance Families: woody
Characteristics: smokey, floral
Fragrance Examples:

A resin derived from the guaiacum tree that possesses an array of practical uses. Guaiac wood, of which the resin is yielded from, is marvelled for being among the most durable and hardy woods in the world. From the resin derives the oil of guaiac, which is a common fragrance ingredient used in the production of soaps and in fragrances of perfumery. The scent is very roselike, often likened specifically to the Hybrid Tea rose, and also possesses notes reminiscent of violet. Due to the similarity between its aroma and that of roses, it is often used as an additive in rose oils — used as such, as it adds bulk to the composition, without altering the scent all too drastically. This has lead it to be thought of, by some, as somewhat of an adulterant: cheapening rose blends and stripping them of their authenticity.