Jasminum Grandiflorum

Also known as the Spanish or Royal jasmine, jasminum grandiflorum is a species of jasmine that is native to the regions of Africa and Asia. This deciduous shrub bears white, aromatic flowers, that possess qualities that have made jasmine a staple in the world of fragrances for eons. The aromas are described as being sweet and complex, with unique properties that are unlike any other floral or flowery profile.

By using the solvent extraction method on the flowers of the plant, the materials can be converted into various products which have a variety of applications in perfumery. Two of these direct materials include the Jasmine Concrete, and the Jasmine Oleoresin — otherwise known as the Jasmine Absolute. Both of these products are used extensively in perfumery for an array of reasons, and are the primary contributors to the characteristic jasmine aromas found in the compositions that feature jasmine inspired notes or themes.

The essential oil is extracted via enfleurage, which ensures the delicate structure of the flowers hold their integrity. This same method is also used to produce various jasmine attars throughout the Indian Subcontinent. The essential oil is dark brown in color, with sheeny bronze tints. The aroma is strong and bold; featuring the characteristic elements of jasmine, only enhanced and intensified. The essential oil is known for blending well with almost all types of composition components.

It is remarkably similar, if not entirely identical, to another jasmine species, the jasminum sambac. The two are the primary jasmine cultivars used for various purposes in perfumery.