A citrus fruit, round, and green in color, it is similar in many aspects to green lemon and citron. Various different species are often referred to as limes, from kaffir limes, to Persian limes, each bearing their own distinct and unique set of defining traits. Many extracts of the fruit are used throughout aromatherapy, perfumery, and the cleaning product industry, and its history with the world of fragrance production is deep and rich. It possesses a plethora of qualities that are necessary to find success in these industries, and the world of perfumery is no stranger to the powers of lime.

One common extract, the essential oil, is prized for its light and sweet characteristics that are very much akin to lemon. There does exists one notable difference between lemon and lime products, and that is lime is entirely more intense, and places emphasis on the sharper aspects of the citrus family. The scent of lime is also characteristically dry: having somewhat of a textured feel when sensed. It is lighter and substantially sweeter than lemon, although the sharpness and intensity is not dulled by this factor. It’s synergy with lemon makes it a prime ingredient to be blended with lemon and used as an inviting and invigorating head note in many fragrance compositions.