Refers to a class of fragrances and scents often found as base notes in perfumery. Originally derived from the gland of the Musk Deer, the scent therefor very animalic in nature, possessing an array of complex nuances and notes that accompany the hearty and warm fragrance. It is the most frequently used raw material in all of perfumery, being utilized in the production of nearly all scent blends and compositions. The popularity of the scent is owed to the fact that the fragrance can add balance and stability to blends; imparting the desired qualities of heartiness and warmth to aromas. It is also frequently used as a fixative to reduce evaporation rates, whilst also increasing the overall lifespan of the aromas it shares its composition with.

In modern times, the practice of using Musk Deer to produce the scent is largely gone. Instead, a synthetic version of the fragrance is used, often dubbed “white musk”, that bears an identical aroma to natural musk. Musk often adds some kind of powdery to the fragrance once fully developed.