Is the fruit of the nutmeg plant, which is often dried and powdered for its most common practical use: its purpose as a spice in the culinary industry. The fruit can also be put through the steam distillation extraction process, which yields an aromatic and fragrant essential oil. This essential oil experiences wide and extensive use in perfumery, and is championed for its likeness to the spiced form of nutmeg. The scent is spicy yet sweet, with significant quantities of earthy and ground-like undertones showing to have a firm footing throughout every waft. It features its own complex aroma profile, with the intricacies of a compiled concoction. One of these individual and unique elements is a potent and strong base note that takes hold once the scent is beginning to part. The spicy elements are significantly subtler than those seen in other spice fragrances, which is why nutmeg is so commonly seen in fragrances that intend to have a lighter, yet still noticeably present, spice element. It is thus often used in oriental fragrance compositions that feature masculine or woody themes.