Also known as amber in some sections of perfumery, this fragrance class or family features an array of different tones and facets, although with moderate to heavy focus on spiced, animalic aromas. Sweetness is often added to compositions that are rich in ambergris or labdanum derived aromas, and spiced elements are frequently seen via the use of vanilla or tonka bean. Oriental fragrances are also commonly possessing of floral and woody tendencies. The compositions are often enhanced through the use of camphorous oils or incense resins — a throwback to the colonial eras where this kind of aroma brought to mind the smells and tastes of the orient.

Oriental fragrances that feature heavy amounts of amber oriented aromas, and which do not seem to possess any other notable levels of unrelated aromas, are usually granted their own class. This class is usually simply called amber, which can be a little confusing for those who are more accustomed with using oriental and amber interchangeably.