Fragrance Families: chypre, woody, green
Characteristics: woody, earthy, mossy
Fragrance Examples: Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle – Monsieur., Sentifique – Testosterone

A bushy plant of the herb variety, the patchouli belongs to the mint family, and bears small, pinkish to white, fragrant and aromatic flowers. Throughout history it has played a role in perfumery, both primitive and modern. The scent is strong and bold, and is commonly used to scent industrial products from air fresheners, to scented paper towels, to laundry detergents. Two main products derived from the plant are the patchouli oil and the absolute; differing only slightly, with the absolute being richer and more pronounced in every aroma the substance carries. The scents of the plant are a mix of various tones and nuances, from woody elements, to herbaceous ones, with all extracts possessing significantly sweet balsamic hints.

The oils are often aged for even greater aromas, that can verge on captivating the aromas of ripe and sweet fruits.