Fragrance Families: woody, chypre, fougére
Characteristics: woody, smokey, earthy, nutty
Fragrance Examples: Heeley Parfums – Vetiver Veritas, Mazzolari – Vetiver, Creed – Original Vetiver

A fragrant substance — either an extract or essential oil — that is extracted from the root of Indian grass. In perfumery, the main vetiver product that is used is the essential oil. It is valued for being an all-purpose fixative, and is used in almost all of the perfumes produced in the Western World. The aroma is woody, with smoky and earthy nuances, and combines the aromas of balsam and amber. Like many other fragrant essential oils, the aromas of vetiver need to cultivate and age in order to optimize the quality and depth of the aromas.

Vetiver, also known by the French spelling, ‘vetyver’, is mostly used in fragrances marketed towards males.