The olfactory of woody themed fragrances is exactly that: woody. The name implies what the scent is reminiscent of, although, it can mean a few things. Woody can mean the aromas of pine, of oak, and of similar, dark and dense trees that bear signature tones of resin, and of vibrant sap — a notoriously resinous, woody tone being borne by the extracts of the vetiver. It can also mean the scent of wood chips: sharp and cutting, with hints of dried plant matter. The scents can vary, depending on what source materials have been used. Sandalwood is warm, even perplexing, and the essences of cedar are dry, sharp, and clear. Woody notes are often accompanied by citrusy elements, as the two seem to complement each other well; perhaps, even, naturally.

Typical fragrances bearing the woody theme include agarwood and vetiver, with a common ingredient used to impart woody tones being that of patchouli — known for its camphoraceous aroma.