A citrus fruit of Japanese origin, the yuzu bears physical as well as aromatic similarities to grapefruit, so much so, that the yuzu is often dubbed the Japanese Grapefruit. Despite these perhaps superficial similarities, the yuzu’s scent is extremely unique, featuring complexities not often seen in citrus materials. The scent is best summed up as being somewhat of a hybrid between the aromas of lemons and limes, although with a distinct aromatic resemblance to the aromas on the floral spectrum. The scent greats you with head notes of mandarin, tangerine, and grapefruit which are followed up by heart notes that are almost identical to bergamot. These are all solidified and finished off by distinct and bold base notes of oakmoss: deep, smooth, and charming. The scent is also, overall, extremely strong; carrying layers upon layers of sweet and bitter accents that are powerfully fresh and vibrant. The oil extracted from the fruit is much like the fruit in terms of aromas, although markedly stronger. The oil is almost always of an exceptional quality.

Yuzu oil blends well with other oils of the citrus family, and is sought after by many perfumers as it can increase the lifespan of citrus aromas in a remarkably proficient manner. It is also commonly used as a welcomed addition to tropical fragrances; livening and invigorating compositions.