One of the newest families in perfumery, aquatic is steadily becoming one of the most sought after aromas in the world. The scent is described as being clean, fresh, and evoking images of ocean breezes and the crashing of waves. It is most commonly used as an added component, to liven up compositions, and to impart the sought after qualities it uniquely possesses. It is used extensively in perfumery to accent floral and woody fragrances, and is also seen as an added element to oriental formations in order to add freshness and crispness. Aquatic fragrances are responsible for many of the modern developments in androgynous perfumery.

Variations of the family are commonalities in perfumery, being especially prized due to the uniqueness of the aquatic aromas, as well as the benefits infusing other fragrant compounds can have on the overall aroma.

Woody-aquatic fragrances typically possess a heart that has been blended with the fresh accords of the aquatic fragrance family. The woody laden aquatic blends are popular for men’s fragrances.

Floral-aquatic features the subtle nuances of marine plant matter, with the effervescent liveliness of a floral bouquet. This class is typically used in the formulation of women’s aquatic fragrances.

Most of the aromas are owed to the synthetic compound found in all aquatic fragrances — cologne.