Fragrance Families:
Fragrance Examples: Heeley Parfums Chypre 21, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Lalique – Terres Aromatiques – 1905

The first perfume from the Chypre family, has been “Chypre” created by François Coty in 1971 and been namend after the mediterranean island Cyprus, which is called Chypre in French. The style of this family has often been copied, it became model of a whole direction. It starts often with hesperid notes in the head like citrus, neroli or orange, but also with bergamot. Whilst the heart notes often contain rose and jasmine, it is the base note that brings up the typical chypre vibe: oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, labdanum are responsible for the earthy and green tone of this family. Due to its nature a chypre perfume can become harsh sometimes. The emphasis of this fragrance familiy lies on the oakmoss note, which is most likely synthetical substituted today as the IFRA allows only minimal amounts of the natural essence, because of its allergenic properties.