A relatively modern olfactive family, it began as a lighter interpretation of classically chypre or fougère aromas, created to be more palatable to the modern world. It is reminiscent of freshly cut grass and broken, split green leaves. The scents often carry slight hints of cucumber, which adds a certain level of freshness and vibrance to the compositions. Variations of the green group include the aromatic green fragrances, which emphasize accentuating the green notes of grass or leaves, whilst adding in aromatic components from various sources like lavender or rosemary.

In other compositions, green notes are used to add freshness, crispness, and tartness through the infusion of leafy aromas. This is most often done to floral mixtures, which are said to often combine the aromas of the two groups, creating a scent that is akin to recently plucked flowers.

Green notes often times include other elements like tea leaves, and even the use of marine plant extracts. Green notes are often used for sport oriented fragrances, or for fragrances designed to be used during summer, as they add freshness, sharpness, and life to compositions.