Fragrance Families: animalic, floral
Characteristics: seducing, sensual, flowery, elegant
Fragrance Examples: Rania J. – Jasmin Kama,  The Different Company – Jasmin de Nuit, Jean Patou – Joy

Is a genus of vine and shrub-like plants belonging to the olive family, although the term is also used to refer to a variety of other, unrelated species that bear the name jasmine. The fragrance is unique; unlike no other. It is vibrant, full of life, and pleasingly aromatic, bearing the qualities of both animalic and floral fragrances. The scent is sharply sweet, and in the rawest of forms, can be likened to a ripe and strong fruit. It blends well with all oils and compositions, and as such, is frequently seen in many types of perfumes in varying degrees: both as a main component, and as a trace additive.

Jasmine is one of the oldest scents to be used in perfumery, and still remains to be a popular and sought after fragrance. The scent of jasmine can be differenced in Jasminum Sambac und Jasminum Grandiflorum.